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Brolly Sheets – Drying Balls

Brolly Sheets – Drying Balls


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Place dryer balls in the dryer along with your wet washing. Four balls will be sufficient for most normal loads, but up to eight is also effective with very heavy loads, for example a full load that is all towels or jeans.You can add a drop of essential oil directly onto the balls to naturally scent your laundry- lavender, tea tree or rose are popular choices.Use your normal dryer settings for temperature but if using a timer reduce the time by approximately 20-30%. If you usually put the dryer on for 1 hr, try 50 minutes then 45 minutes and so on, until you have found the optimum time for your typical laundry load. This will vary by type of dryer, how fast your washing spin cycle was, types of fabric, size of load in the dryer etc.The balls will feel damp and heavy straight after the laundry has dried fully in the dryer- this is because of the water they have absorbed off of your laundry that the dryer did not need to evaporate. Let the balls air dry before next useSome pilling on the surface of the balls is to be expected after use. It does not affect use but can be removed with a safety razor if you wish.

Made of Pure NZ Wool

  • Comes with 4 Dryer Balls per pack
  • Hand felted in Kathmandu
  • Super Absorbent
  • Reduces dry time 30-50%
  • Saves YOUR Time & Money
  • No more fabric softeners
  • Long lasting over 1500 washes
  • Eco-Friendly


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